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Samuel Simões

Boogie Board 10.5": my impressions


In my daily programing tasks I spend a lot of time thinking and designing new features, either sketching routines, mockups, or just making meaningless draws to help my brain thinks more fast (it works!) and so forth. To do this I was using normal sketchbooks, but the problem was that I was quarterly buying a new sketch book that I can’t just throw away because of an eventually sensitive information that I may have written on these books.

To solve this problem I recently bought a Boogie Board 10.5” model, which is an e-writer with a LCD screen pressure sensitive that you can write or draw whatever you want and with one button press the whole screen is erased. The model that I bought is one of the most cheap and simple of Boogie Boards, it doesn’t save the sketches and not transfer to computer, models more sophisticated like Sync 9.7” can do these things.

The tablet comes with a very simple stylus which can be replaced by anything that can do a pressure in the screen without a very sharp edge.

The finish is okay, the plastic used in the case is little cheap, if you raise it by the bottom edge you will hear the case making a little noise because of the weight of the top edge with the controls, but nothing gross.

The Boogie Board is very portable, lightweight, thin and convenient as regular paper, according to the manufacturer you hardly will need change the batteries because the Boogie Board only consumes a little power when you erase the screen, making the battery last for years!

The write feeling is awesome, this was my mainly concern before bought one, before take one in hands I was skeptical as to the writing feeling, I thought that would be like to write on a slick LCD screen, but the actual feeling is very great, very smooth with a good “write friction”. The only problem is the write precision, if you need write many things this can be a problem to you once is not so easy to create thin lines as you could do with a pen or pencil on a regular paper.

Other bad thing about it is the poor screen contrast, the screen doesn’t has any backlight and it’s black, so it totally depends on the ambient light, but unlike the regular white paper, which you can use in dark places close to some light source like your notebook monitor (what you shouldn’t do), the same can’t be done with the Boogie Board and this lack of contrast turns very complicated to use the tablet on sunny places.

Despite the cons I’m in tottaly love for this tablet, I was looking for something like this for a long time. Many people advised me to buy an iPad, but the write feeling on an iPad isn’t close to a real paper, even with those special stylus for iPad.

For those of you who have interest in one of this here in Brazil I bought it on Mercado Livre for ~R$130 (include shipping).

Don’t forget to see the Improve Eletronics products catalog and any questions about the Boogie Board leave in the comments below or send me a tweet (@samuelsimoes).

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